Lt Nathaniel Berry
Plaque reads: LIEUTENANT NATHANIEL BERRY -- born in Georgetown Maine, December 22, 1755, moved to Gardiner in 1763, served in the Revolution 1777-1778 and 1779, honorably discharged January 1780. He died in Pittston, Maine August 20 1850 and was buried with military honors. He was the last survivor of George Washington's Life Guards. His wife Lydia Berry, daughter of Samuel Berry, was born in Gardiner Maine August 22 1765. She was the first white girl born in Gardiner or Pittston.
south side

Maple Grove Cemetery

Located at the east end of the Pearl Harbor Remembrance Bridge between Gardiner and Randolph, this cemetery is the largest one in Randolph .  Many of the stones date back to the early 1800's.

Nathaniel Berry was a member of Washington's Life Guards, served in the Revolution 1777 - 1780, was at the retreat of Burgoyne, and the skirmish at White Marsh, and was at Valley Forge.

Nathaniel and Lydia had 7 children.
Nathaniel was the first selectman elected (1781) in Pittston, ME