This Committee is an elected board who is responsible for reviewing the town budget or other financial expenditures of the Town.  Each member serves a 3 year term. Generally, the Committee meets several times before the Annual Town Meeting at the end of July.

Elected members include:
Peter Coughlan (expires 11/26)
Vice Chairman

Julie Drost (expires 11/26)

Linda Bouffard (expires 11/25)
Shelby Martin-Bugbee (expires 11/25)
Ashleigh Kimball Champ (expires 11/26)
Sam Cobb  (expires 11/26)
Lillian Lancaster (expires 11/24)
Mary Silva (expires 11/24)
Mike Carrie (expires 11/25)

This Committee was created at a Special Town Meeting on June 26, 1959.  It was moderated by John A. Manson.  The warrant read as follows: " see if the town will vote to establish a 15 member Budget Committee consisting of the Selectmen and 12 citizen members, the selectmen to serve their term of office and the citizen members to serve for a 4 year term.....this article shall take effect for the 1960 annual town meeting."   The vote was 154 yes and 67 no.

On 7/27/2016, warrant article #48 changed the Committee to a 9 member Committee with 3 year terms.