Richard Harriman, town historian, moving out of town...... need new person

Dick and Judy Harriman have sold their house on Kinderhook Street and are moving to Florida. They will return in the Spring but not necessarily to Randolph.

With their departure, Dick has been the Town Historian for years and the town would like any interested person(s) to continue Dick's extensive work.  He has amassed an enormous amount of Randolph history and those volumes are now found in the Town Office on top of the map cabinet in the lobby.   Anyone slightly interested in Randolph's people, schools, roads, buildings, and overall news over the past 100 years ought to check out these volumes.

In the meantime, if you may be interested, or know of someone who may be interested, please contact the Town Office.  

The town owes a huge debt of gratitude to Dick and Judy for their countless hours and years of service.  In addition to Dick's research and assembling of Randolph history, Judy could readily be seen cutting grass along the Rail Trail, or weedwacking the shoulders of Kinderhook Street, and volunteering at the Clothes Closet in Gardiner.   We'll certainly miss them!! 

THANK YOU Dick and Judy for your service.