Streetlights changed to LED during last week in January-- some lights were eliminated on many streets

The crew started Monday 1/27 and finished on Thursday 1/30.  The town now owns all its streetlights---not CMP anymore.  Our annual tax-payer funded streetlight bill to CMP will drop from about $20,000 per year to under $2,000 per year.  A total of 34 lights were removed.  While a few folks expressed a concern about that, the majority of people were very supportive.  When asked about people's comments while installing the new lights, the 2 man crew said they had about 18 residents come speak to them and 80% said "thank you for taking it down", while 19% simply asked "what are you doing?" and were OK with the answer, and 1 person was not real pleased. 

Streetlight Conversion Update---December 12, 2019

Randolph has 111 streetlights on Water and Windsor streets along with many neighborhood streets and more rural roads. 

Their primary purpose is for:
1) lighting the public roadway to improve driver and pedestrian safety
2) lighting intersections and curves and dead ends.

While some also provide lighting for homes and driveways, that is not their primary function. For those residents who have a light outside their house, that can be welcomed or it can be a nuisance.

In the coming month, the town has hired a contractor to replace the old sodium lights with new highly efficient LED heads. This work will significantly reduce our costs for lighting as taxpayers.  The cities of Gardiner and Augusta have already made the conversions on most of their streets.

Randolph is a bit unusual to have so many lights in such a small area.  Some nearby towns have zero to a few lights in the entire town and that has not compromised safety or increased rates of crime – Pittston, Whitefield, Dresden, Windsor, and many more.

Here is a list of proposed lights to be completely eliminated and removed. Most are midblock and are simply not needed for traffic safety.  If you feel absolutely convinced that any of these lights are necessary for traffic safety, you must contact Pete at 592-1790 or by email at by 7 PM Sunday January 19.  Otherwise, these lights will be removed soon as the contractor moves his way across town:

Asbury St— at end by church parking lot
Barber Rd – 1 near #82 and 1 near #134
Belmont Ave – 1 near #13 (Erins Way) and 1 near #74
Central St – 1 at Second St & 1 at #49 (just past Michaels Ln)
Clark St – 1 in middle near #11
Closson St – 2 in middle near #32 and #43
Elm St – 1 at back entrance to IGA
Fairview Ave – 2 middle lights near #27 and #38
Hillcrest Ave – 3 lights near #14, #36 and #55
Kinderhook St—4 lights near #28, #70, #84, and #100
McKenna Dr – one halfway down near #19
Meadowview Dr – one halfway down near #5
Middle St – 1 in middle near #14
Quigley Ln – 1 at end near #10
School St – 1 near #28 and 1 at Quigley Ln
Stevens Ave – 1 in middle near #26
Water St – 3 lights near #177, #231 + #288
Windsor St – 5 lights near #33, #41, #63, #121, and #144