Solar panel "farm" coming to town

At a Public Hearing of the Planning Board on June 8 with less than 20 people, the developers explained the project and took a few questions from folks about proximity to abutting property and other concerns. After about 50 minutes, the Planning Board voted 6 to 1 in favor of the Conditional Permit approval.

Borrego Solar in Massachusetts and Sean Thies from CES, Inc. explained the solar Panel project that they may be installing in Randolph.  It would produce about 5 megawatts into the energy grid.  This is on a 20+ acre parcel of land at the North of Water Street, about 2,000 ft. east of the Auction House.  They have a lease agreement on the land and there will be approximately 14,000 panels and the estimated cost of the project will be 5-10 million dollars.  The panels would be screwed into the ground and all will be surrounded by a barrier fence (7 feet) and the parcel would be secured from outside access.  The company will do online maintenance and mowing of the grass about twice a year. 

The first public hearing was held on Thursday March 5 and minutes are here