BID RESULTS for School Street reconstruction project

School Street Reconstruction Project

Please see Addendums below since initial posting

 Scope of work includes:

 The construction of approximately 0.21 miles of roadway reconstruction which includes the following: 

 The construction of approximately 1020’ of new sidewalk on the south side of School Street extending from the Water Street- School Street Intersection to Hillcrest Avenue Intersection.

 Provide bituminous curb, drainage improvements, new parking striping, etc.

Water Street MPI Drainage Improvements Project Under MaineDOT’s Municipal Partnership Initiative (MPI)

the project includes the replacement of the existing outfall pipe to the Kennebec River and replacement and construction of approximately 285 linear feet of 24-inch storm drain on Water Street near the intersection of School Street.

Work includes installation of three (3) catch basins, replacement of existing outfall and reconnecting additional existing drainage systems.

 Construction of approximately 285 linear feet of 24-inch storm drain.

 Installation of (2) catch basins & (1) drain manhole.

 Sidewalk reconstruction.

 Reconnection of existing drainage to new structures as directed.