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Sewer Master Plan

Public hearing on July 14 at 6 PM

Sewer system upgrade plan

Two public hearings have been held recently---- one on April 1, 2008 where about 20 citizens attended and the other on 11/15/07 where a few citizens showed up.  Discussion centered around the town's longstanding dilemma and possible solutions.

MSA D #11 School Consolidation Results

In mid December 2007, the District received official notification from the Dept. of Education that MSAD #11 can remain "as-is" and not join with another District(s).  More details and the letter can be found here.
On Sept. 13, the District received the DOE's comments from its "Notice of Intent" (NOI)and reported that it does not comply with the law.  Specifically, the District 1) does not meet the minimum student enrollment of 2500 (it's actually about 2360), and 2) the NOI was not filed with a complete financial analysis (even though they specifically told the District not to send it.).
Here is the Consolidation Committee's August 29 report to the citizens and School Board.....
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