Brick Building at Water & Windsor Streets

This brick building has housed many businesses since it was built by John Jewett in 1856.  It was sold in halves and purchased by his son John.  In 1856, the north half of the building was a grocery store and the south half was a hardware store.  H.S. Winslow had a shore and boot store there in 1866 for 5 years and then again in 1880.  In 1903, there was a grocery store on the first floor and then drugs, barber shop, and offices on the second floor, and the Selectmen had their offices there too.  A hall was on the third floor where town meetings were held and also various shows were put on to raise money for various causes.  Such names as Ken MacKenzie, and Hal the "lone pine mountaineer" and a magician performed there.  Later, Margaret Smith Handbag Factory was located on the second floor before it moved to upper Water St.  It was also recently the local IGA on the first floor before it moved to the larger store just south of there.  Now it houses a restaurant on the the first floor and apartments up above.