1939 Elementary School class photo
1939 Elementary School class photo
1936 Primary School
1936 Primary School--1st row on left -front to rear: Linwood Baker, Beverly Bulley, Arnold McLaughlin, Melvin Ranks, Forest Matson. 2nd row: Jean Davidson, Gerald Babcock, Shirley Quigley, Robert Newell, Robert Shriver, Daniel Sullivan, Maurice Caswell. 3rd row: Virginia Lewis, Constance Lozier, Robert McGraw, George Matson, Joanne McGraw, Mildred Lewis, Rose Belle Fuller, Miss Marjorie Benner. 4th row: Mildred Oben, Carl Hubbard, ????? Hubbard, Elsie Beckwith(?), Richard Hatch, Ralph Hutchinson, Chester Hutchinson (?). 5th row: Elaine Donnelly, Waldo Preble, Hazen Knight, Beverly Goggin, Hazen Poole, Edward Roberts, Frank Burke, Shirley Griffin. These are the names written by someone long ago.

Historical Photo Album

Town historian, Dick Harriman, has been collecting any piece of historical information on Randolph for many years now.  Among his collection are old photos, newspaper articles and ads, historical accounts, military facts, and much more.

Thanks to Dick's generosity, some of these articles have been scanned and are presented here by category.

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