Colonial homes overlooking the Kennebec River


US Census Population (2010) = 1772
US Census Population (2000) =  1911
US Census Population (1990) =  1973

Area of municipality:  2.08 square miles or 1333 acres

Miles of State Highway:  3.57 miles
(Rt 9 = 1.04 mi., Rt 27 = 0.78 mi., Rt 226 = 1.75 mi.) 

Miles of Townway:  7.18 miles

Randolph was incorporated as West Pittston on March 4, 1887 from Pittston. Within two weeks, it changed its name in honor of Randolph, Massachusetts, which itself was named for Peyton Randolph of Virginia, the first President of the Continental Congress and a personal friend of George Washington.

Nathaniel Berry, the last surviving member of General George Washington's Life Guards is buried in the Maple Grove Cemetery.

The old Gardiner-Pittston Bridge was opened as a toll bridge in 1853, but in 1887 the two towns (now Gardiner and Randolph) bought it and removed the tolls.