Randolph Spirit of America Activities

Every year, the town recognizes several individuals in town who are the "silent heroes" because of their volunteerism in the community.  This recognition is part of the statewide "Spirit of America" program.

The Spirit of America Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity established in Augusta, ME in 1990 to honor volunteerism.

The Spirit of America Foundation Tribute is presented in the name of Maine municipalities to local individuals, organizations and projects for commendable community service.

Since Alma Jones received the first Spirit of America award from Augusta Mayor William Burney on Nov. 26, 1991, the tribute has been presented at 500+ ceremonies! 

The Foundation website is www.spirame.org


 2016 Award

Mary Pinkham does much to assist local clothing bank & her church with its fundraising suppers.

 2015 Award

Janice Kincaid

 2014 Award

Maine Isshinryu Karate Academy

 2013 Award

Lynn Mealey, Janet Richards, Raeleen York

 2012 Award

Randolph United Methodist Church


 2011 Awards

September 20, 2011
Left to right:  Roland Preble, William and Rachel Shea, Christine Benner, Phil Drummond, Peter Hanley, Pauline Mansir, Shirley Hanley.

All of these folks were part of the Randolph Veterans Memorial Committee.  Certificates were awarded to each of them along with posthumous awards to Everett “Red” Mansir and  Paul Curran. All the awards were presented from the Town of Randolph in recognition of Dedicated Volunteerism by the Community of Randolph.


 2009 Awards

November 17, 2009
Standing left to right:  Dave Gilman, Marge Gilman, Gladys Leighton, Janice Parkin.
MC was Peter Coughlan with some comments from SOA Foundation President, Terry McCabe.
Dave Gilman -- longtime Planning Board member, Gardiner Water District trustee,  Randolph United Methodist Church trustee and choir member and maintenance man and worker at monthly suppers.
Marge Gilman -- member of Randolph United Methodist Church for decades and has been on at least 3 church committees and has worked at monthly suppers; she also compiled a picture book of past and present church families, pastors, and organists; vice queen of the local Red Hat Society and is a longtime Town Budget Committee member; also has served on the Bicentennial Committee.
Gladys Leighton -- member of Randolph United Methodist Church for decades and has worked at monthly suppers for 50+ years and types the church newsletter, works at the Clothes Closet by ironing, sorting, and pricing clothes for sale.
Janice Parkin -- longtime member of Randolph United Methodist Church and worker at monthly suppers, works at the Clothes Closet by ironing, sorting, and pricing clothes for sale.


 2008 Awards

September 2, 2008
Standing left to right:  Ruth Botkin, Mark Roberts, Beverly Davis, June "Jill" Todd (missing is Gloria Mansir Fitzherbert).
MC was Peter Coughlan with some comments from SOA Foundation President, Terry McCabe.
Ruth Botkin -- involved with Chrysalis Place (food bank) for over 15 years, Gardiner Congregational Church, Town Planning Board, Budget Committee, election clerk, and 3 years as Selectman
Mark Roberts -- current Board Chairman (2 years) of the Boys/Girls Club of Greater Gardiner, former Asst. Chair, youth soccer coach, T-ball coach, Town Planning Board
Bev Davis -- very active with Hospice care, current Council Chair of Church plus on many committees there, and very active on Current Events Club of Gardiner.
Jill Todd -- volunteer at Gardiner Public Library but she is the municipal Representative for Randolph on the Gardiner Library Board
Gloria Mansir-Fitzherbert -- 20+ years as Town Selectman and General Assistance administrator

 2006 awards

October 30, 2006
Sitting left to right:  Muriel Oakes, Polly Mansir, Christine McKay, Evelyn Kittridge.
Standing left to right:  Red Mansir, Donald McKay, Dick Leighton.
MC was Peter Coughlan.
Mrs. Oakes -- she was very instrumental in establishing the local "Clothes Closet"
Red & Polly Mansir -- they have been delivering Meals on Wheels for at least 25 years in the area and many older citizens have come to depend on their outstanding delivery service.
Christine & Donald McKay -- they are devoted volunteers at many St Joseph's Church activities.  Don helped restore the old altar and Christine has become a favorite at Food Bank fundraisers.
Evelyn Kittridge -- she is a resident of Pittston but plays the piano for the Randolph Methodist Church and E. Pittston church.  She also does the scheduling for workers at the "Clothes Closet" and visits many shut ins.
Mr. Leighton -- he is a dedicated volunteer at the church by taking on any task including mowing the lawns, working at suppers, and even catching an occasional mouse.

 2005 Awards

October 16, 2005
Robert Davis, Peter Oakes, Robert Newell, Ernest Gammon
Mr. Davis -- he has been chairman of the Randolph Revolving Loan Fund, and been deeply involved in the town's sewer projects, and has been a longtime member on the Planning Board.
Mr. Oakes -- he is a former selectman and has made important contributions to the town's sewer project and the local roads.  He also has been on the Budget Committee and a number of committees at the church including the Board of Trustees and the annual yard sale committee. 
Mr. Newell --he attended his first service at the Methodist Church in April 1946 and is only 1 of 2 parishioners still attending since then. He is a eucharist minister, greeter, coffee server, and a great cook.
Mr. Gammon -- he is a silent worker at the Methodist Church and was formerly a Sunday school teacher and a liturgist.

 2003 Awards

November 4, 2003
Sitting left to right:  Bette Seymour, Shirley Hanley, Suzanne Ross.
Standing left to right:  Charlene Rogers, Dave Cobb, Sonny James, Dan Albert.
Mrs. Seymour -- she is treasurer of the Methodist Church, publishes the church newsletter, chairman of the church's craft fair, rummage sale, and other projects.  She also is collecting clothes to start a local thrift shop for needy folks.
Mrs. Hanley -- she entertains children and adults with her public readings of stories and poems, including 10 years of reading to kids at the school.
Mrs. Ross -- she has been the local leader of Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS) for last 3 years and motivates people to lose weight and has had several men in her group lose the most weight of any male in any TOPS group in Maine.
Mrs. Rogers -- she is a second grade teacher at the school, oversees the student reading incentive program, organizes the book fair which benefits school trips and special activities, and helps on the PTC. 
Mr. Cobb -- he helped with training on the Fire Department, searched for a new fire truck to replace the old truck, and obtained grants for new equuipment.
Mr. James --  since 1983, he has handled all sewer complaints and flooding calls, regularly climbs down to inspect, unclog and maintain the pumps.
Mr. Albert -- he organized the Old Narrow Gauge Trail Committee to reestablish the old trail that went from Water St. out to Togus Hospital many years ago.  The trail is used for walking or biking and is a work in progress. He plans brush cutting activities and is looking to establish historical markers and a new bridge over a stream.


 2002 Awards

May 24, 2002
Left to right:  Mary Pinkham, Carol Meyer, Cheryl Rose, and Denise Turmelle.
Mrs. Pinkham -- she has been assisting at the Randolph Methodist Church for over 50 years and helps at suppers and cleans the sanctuary.
Mrs. Meyer -- she has served as treasurer of the PTC and the school Fun Fair.
Mrs. Rose -- she has been co-chairman of the school Fun Fair and the PTC, helps run the monthly PTC meetings, and organized many school fundraisers.
Mrs. Turmelle -- she also has been co-chairman of the school Fun Fair and the PTC, helps run the monthly PTC meetings, and organized many school fundraisers.

Other recognized individuals were Christine Benner, Kendra Danforth, Katrina Johnson, and Linda Bouffard.

 2001 Awards

October 3, 2001
Left to right:  Phil Alexander Sr., Dorothy Flint, Dorothy Sherman, Paul Christopoulos, Selectman Peter Hanley, Peter Coughlan.
Mr. Alexander-- "the guiding light of the Randolph Methodist Church for 39 years"-- he has coordinated all church activities in Randolph & E. Pittston, built the bell tower, preached regularly on Sundays, and done just about everything.
Mrs. Flint -- she has organized speakers and other entertainment for weekly meetings of the Randolph Senior Citizens for last 6 years.
Mrs. Sherman -- she has helped at meetings of the Randolph Senior Citizens.
Mr. Christopoulos -- he is a charter member of the musical group Central Maine Harmony Bouys and teaches songs, directs the chorus and sings tenor.
Mr. Coughlan -- he has served 5 years as the Planning Board Chair, 12 years on the Budget Committee, and organized and completed all the E-911 addressing in town in 1998.  He also is the Addressing Officer, editor of the town's newsletter for the last 13 years, and currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Boys/Girls Club of Greater Gardiner, and a leader in Cub Scout Pack 601 for 4 years.